This is a report of Burmanform´s exhibition on 7th -9th of May 2021 at the Fiberspace gallery in Stockholm. It was an opportunity to exhibit Burmanform´s recent paper folding, origami and bookbinding works.

Paper folding, Origami and Bookbinding

Paper vases of transparent material


A combination of modules with the same pattern like tiles.

One sheet of paper

Sketches for patterns and constructions. Every form is made by folding techniques for one sheet of paper.

Traditional material with new thinking

Folded materials are normally used for bookbinding works. New properties of materials are shown by folded structures.

Geometric shapes

The forms are regular octahedron made of paper. The neon color inside the forms reflects the light and the shape appears to be wrapped in neon color light.

Shirt for coffee break

This shirt is made of coffee filter paper.

Deformable shapes

A shape that opens and closes. A shape that stretches when twisted. An effect that can be made with a piece of paper and folding techniques.

Box for the book ”Fabricate”

A box for the textile book ”Fabricate” written by wever Åsa Pärson. The box with a lid contains a tray for textiles and threads.

Envelope for ”Circling the Mountain”

Tatou envelopes of Japanese paper for the artists book ” Circling the Mountain” by August Eriksson. The book has concertina construction.

Box for ”Capellagårdens kokbok”

This box has a slipcase and a drawer. The slipcase is for ”Capellagården’s cookbook”. The drawer is for tea and seeds from Capellagårdens farm and covered of indigo colored textile.

Wave book

According to the simple book binding structure and the properties of paper, the book formed naturally like a wave.

Prototype – Kurukuru sankaku

A book as a package for a pleats handbag.

Open workshop at the gallery

During the period Miro had a practical works and explanation of the paper folding works. The folding works from the demonstration was shown on the wall as origami graffiti. On the 9th of May a live streaming of online workshop was carried out.

©️Burmanform 2021

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